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Safe Water/ Water Conditioner

Safe Water/ Water Conditioner

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  • Brand: Zyme-Tech
  • Type: Safe Water/ Water Conditioner
  • Size: 70g 
  • Makes 2 Litres of Water Conditioner
  • Dose/ treatment 5ml for 200 Litres 
  • Tap water contains chlorine or chloramines which are fatal to aquarium fish.
  • Water Ager makes tap water safe for your aquarium removing chlorine, chloramines and fluorides
  • Safes for all plants and animals
  • Cannot be overdose
  • Quality product
  • Pictures are of the exact item and forms a detailed description
  • Made in Australia for Australia climate

Directions: Shake well before use 

**Please read instructions on the packet carefully prior to commencing treatment. **

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